If you are interested in performing with us this is our base costume, feel free to pick any colors you like. I highly recommend to start collecting your costuming pieces ahead of time if you want specific colors, many are one of a kind and often it takes time to order and ship if it is coming across an ocean. These are not order this week and get them in time for your performance on Friday types of pieces, they are unique and often custom made. Please ask me if you are purchasing item to dance with the group and you are not purchasing from these vendors, the quality of things available on the internet varies widely and so I will need to approve your purchase.


Magical Fashions, based out of Atlanta, makes the highest quality pantaloons I have even had the joy to dance in. These cotton, hand block printed pantaloons are the best quality made just for us bellydancers by Krishna Dave. These orders are not quick because often they are made in batches and sold quickly at large festivals. Order early.

Assuit Scarf

You can start with 1 scarf, you will eventually need two of the same color (they will never have the same pattern, each scarf is unique). These modern Assuit scarves/veils come in a wide variety of colors, check back with Desiree’s Etsy site often or message her personally to see if she has a specific color you are looking for. You are also welcome to use vintage Assuit and/or purchase from other vendors, we have just had the best luck with this vendor.

Coin Bra

You will need a majority metal decorated bra. This can be high quality coins, necklaces, Afghani coin drapes, or combinations thereof. You are welcome to design and make your own. I highly recommend ordering one from the original Tribal costumer, Gwen of Flying Skirts, she has the highest quality at the best price. Each bra will be custom made to your order. Her straps are the secure way we require with a criss cross tie back. I occasionally teach workshops on how to make coin bras, if you are a DIYer just ask when one is coming up.

Jewelry and Coin Belt

To finish off your costume you will need a coin or mostly metal belt, plus a necklace and maybe some bracelets and earrings. Red Camel is a vendor that has been around for ages and the quality of her stuff is very high at great prices.