Tribal Fusion/ OTS Bellydance 8:30 Thrs

Tribal Fusion/ OTS Bellydance 8:30 Thrs

from 33.00

4 week session Oct 3-24, No Class Oct 31

No Class on Thanksgiving

No Class the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s Eve

An exploration of Ziah's 25 year history of studying and creating the fascinating world of Tribal Fusion Bellydance. A fusion that has evolved over that time incorporating many world dance styles, music, and costuming. It is famous for its slinky nature and openness to be accessible by all body types and genders.

Plus fun warms ups with Oriental Style Group Improvisational Format (OTS) created by Ziah and the Awalim Dance Co based on the ATS® Format. 

What is OTS? Are you an Orientale/Cabaret style dancer and always wanted the same group improvisational tools that ATS® dancers have? This language is great for group restaurant and live band performances. Now you can explore the music and dance on the fly with your Cabaret buddies. Also great for integrating into your ATS® dialect! For this class, Ziah will teach both ATS® related and original OTS moves developed by Awalim. A great structure to learn Orientale bellydance combos for restaurant and/or stage use, while learning Tribal ATS and Fusion history in America...all while having a fabulous time with a group! 


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