Tarot Readings


Would you like to provide your guests with a unique experience? Do you want your party to be the highlight of the season?!

Provide "Tarot Card Readings by Ziah", either doing seated table readings or walking around your crowd with a “cigarette girl” type tray, for your next party or event! I also do coffee ground readings at locales that serve Turkish style coffee.

Although I am in the artistic field of entertainment, having also worked in the corporate world, I know the importance of being on time, checking in with you before the event and being prepared upon my arrival. I like to get a feel as to who your guests are, whether conservative, artsy, etc. In this way I can tailor my style to your guests.

At a table or walking around with the “cigarette tray” style? Sitting at the table is a bit more personal one to one reading that can last 5 to 20 minutes depending on what you want to happen for your guests. Carrying the tray around is adding approachable ambient interest to your event by having me working through your crowd and do short readings in the tray. This can especially be fun before a show and during intermission.

My readings at your event will be enlightening, entertaining, and delivered in a positive, non-intimidating manner. Your guests will receive empowering information regarding their lives and the choices available to them. As a student of world mythologies, I am able to integrate this into my readings depending on my audience. I use an "eclectic" World Spirit Tarot deck which is very user-friendly, gender and color neutral, with the images on the cards relay the messages easily even to those unfamiliar with Tarot and kid friendly too!